My name is Katie, though around the Internet I’m generally known as quix or quixotic_hope. I’m a 23-year-old liberal atheist living in the Bible Belt. This blog will mostly be a place for me to rant about the events that make me lose faith in humanity.  I want there to be no mistake in anyone’s mind: this is not a conservative blog.

I’m pro-choice.

I want religion completely removed from government and politics (and the planet, but I know that will never happen).

I’m fat, and I don’t believe I have to apologize for that fact.

I believe we are the cause of global warming and that we could be doing more to fix it but aren’t.

I want comprehensive sex education to replace abstinence-only education in school.

I feel that labeling everything as feminine or masculine is hurting this country.

I hate 99.9 percent of politicians; I just hate the Republicans more.

This list will probably expand, but for now those are the main topics I will be writing about. I don’t know how to fix social security. I don’t know what the proper healthcare system should look like. Those topics will probably not be addressed here unless I suddenly become much more knowledgeable about them, which doesn’t seem terribly likely to happen.

I will be updating this blog at least once a week. Friendly discussion is allowed, but I will not tolerate flames of any sort. I don’t go on conservative blogs and curse them out, so I would appreciate that same courtesy.

Also, if anyone’s interested in my writing blog, you can find it here. I write mostly contemporary Young Adult and New Adult, although there’s some dystopian, satire, and low fantasy mixed in, as well.


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